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About Canvas
About Distance Education
Accessibility Checklist
Accessibility within Canvas
Address for Distance Education Office
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Campus Computer Labs (IT site)
Campus map - Santa Rosa (PDF)
Canvas About
Canvas Accessibility
Canvas and Intellectual Property Rights
Canvas Choosing Your Home Page
Canvas Commons
Canvas Community
Canvas Confirm E-mail Notifications
Canvas FAQ
Canvas Finding your Canvas Course
Canvas Finding your Course Shell
Canvas Flex Credit
Canvas Guides for Mobile Users
Canvas Guide to Using Your Course Shell
Canvas Guide to Working with Tables
Canvas Help for Students
Canvas High Contrast Setting
Canvas How to Attach File Links
Canvas How to Create a Simple Course
Canvas How to Create Assignments
Canvas How to Create Quizzes
Canvas How to Completely Delete a Module
Canvas How to Manage Course "People"
Canvas How to Move Content to a New Shell
Canvas How to Setup Files
Canvas How to Share course Content Using Commons
Canvas How to Use Modules
Canvas How to Videos for Teaching Yourself 
Canvas Importing CATE Quizzes
Canvas Importing Moodle Backups
Canvas Information
Canvas Instructor Guides
Canvas Login
Canvas Login Problems
Canvas Login Help
Canvas Login Help for Faculty
Canvas Login Help for Student
Canvas Making Courses Visible
Canvas Multiple Instructors
Canvas Multiple Sections
Canvas Moodle to Canvas Migration Process
Canvas Mapping Moodle Features to Canvas
Canvas New Features & Updates
Canvas Online Student Services
Canvas Online Tutorials
Canvas Orientation (Slide Presentation)
Canvas Orientation (PDF)
Canvas Sample Courses
Canvas Search for Guides
Canvas Setting Up a Course Shell - Basics
Canvas Start of Semester Checklist
Canvas Student Help
Canvas Tips and Tricks
Canvas Training
Canvas Training Descriptions
Canvas Using from a Personal Computer
Canvas Wait List Students
Canvas Working with Migrated Content
Career Education Online
CATE to Canvas Migration
CETL Studio
Computer Labs
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Contact Information for Distance Education
Cool Ed Tech for Faculty
Copyright Issues
Course Homepages
Creating New Online Classes


Distance Education Blog
Department Homepages
Disability Resources Department
Distance Education Calendar
Distance Education Contact Information
Distance Education Homepage
Distance Education News & Tips
Distance Education Staff
Distance Education Support
District Online Committee


Embedding/Linking to Third Party Multimedia
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Faculty Canvas Login Help
Faculty Help Menu
Faculty Listing
Featured Courses
Featured Course - AJ 70: Intro to Corrections
Featured Course - ART 1.1: World Art to 1500
Featured Course - ART 1.2: World Art since 1500
Featured Course - ANSCI 20: Basic Animal Science
Featured Course - BIO 27: Biology of Marine Mammals
Featured Course - COUN 53: College Survival Techniques
Featured Course - CS 5: Computer Literacy
Featured Course - FDNT 10: Elementary Nutrition
Featured Course - FIRE 73: Fire Prevention Technology
Featured Course - HOSP 80, 63, 53
Featured Course - HR 60: Human Resource Management
Featured Course - HUMAN 8: Comparative Technology
Featured Course - KINES 1: Intro to Kinesiology
Featured Course - KINES 5: Sport And Society
Featured Course - KINES 53: Principles of Health and Wellness
Featured Course - KINES 55: Coaching Sports
Featured Course - KINES 59: Psychological Aspects Of Sports Performance
Featured Course - LIR 10: Intro to Information Literacy
Featured Course - MATH 10: Nature of Mathematics
Featured Course - MUSIC 7: Classical Music Appreciation
Featured Course - PSYCH 34: Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination
Featured Course - POLS 1: Intro to US Government
Featured Course - RE 50: Real Estate Principles
Featured Course - RE 51: Real Estate Practice
Featured Course - RE 52: Real Estate Finance
Featured Course - SPAN 1, 2, 41
Featured Course - WRKEX 97: Work Experience
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Getting Started at SRJC
Getting Started Teaching Online


Help: Request Help
Help menu: All Students
Help menu: All Faculty
How to Handle No-Shows


Instructor Homepages


Labs, Computer


Map for Distance Education office
Moodle-to-Canvas Feature Guide
Multimedia Accessibility


New Account Information for Faculty
New Canvas Features and Upgrades
New Online and Hybrid Courses


Online Accessibility Best Practices
Online Application for SRJC
Online Certificates
Online College Project
Online Counseling
Online Instructor Evaluation
Online Majors
Online Readiness & Resources Orientation
Online Special Expertise
Online Special Expertise Registration
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Syllabus Word Doc Template (Downloads accessible Word doc)


Training & Tutorials


Using 3C Media to Deliver Content
UDOIT Accessibility Checking Tool
UDOIT: Working with Results


Web Accessibility - Assistance
Web Accessibility - Canvas
Web Accessibility Checklist
Web Accessibility Design Principles
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