Online Majors

The majors listed here can be completed entirely online or in a combination with online/hybrid classes and traditional classes. Courses with at least 51% of the class conducted online are considered hybrid. 

If your goal is to earn an associate degree and to transfer to a CSU or UC campus, you must fulfill the CSU or IGETC General Education Pattern, complete a major of at least 18 units, and complete other transferable courses to total 60 units. If your goal is to earn an associate degree, but you do not plan to transfer, you could complete the SRJC General Education Pattern (see College Catalog), one of these majors, and additional degree – applicable units to total 60 units. Consult with a counselor about the specific lower division preparation required by the transfer institutions that you are considering. 

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Note that the list below refers to the major core classes in each major, but is not representative of the general education courses needed to complete an Associate Degree. There is no guarantee that every course is offered online every semester. Check the schedule of classes to find the mode of delivery in the semester you want to take the course. Not all general education courses are taught online, however the courses for the major are all offered online or hybrid.

List of Majors Available 100% Online
Major Required Units
Administration of Justice (AS-T) 18
Administrative Assistant (AS) 18
Business: Human Resource Administration (AA) 27.5
Business: Real Estate (AA) 19
Civil Engineering Technology (AS) 26
Communication Studies (AA-T) 18
Computer Studies: Game Development (AS) 25
Computer Studies: Web and Multimedia (AA) 20
Computer Studies: Web Full-Stack Developer (AS) 19
French (AA) 18
Graphic Design (AA) 31.5
History (AA-T) 18
Hospitality Management (AS-T) 18
Humanities (AA) 18
Natural Sciences (AS) 18
Paralegal Studies (AA) 34
Psychology (AA) 21
Religious Studies (AA) 19
Social and Behavioral Sciences (AA) 18
Social Justice Studies (AA-T) 18
Sociology (AA-T) 18
Spanish (AA) 18
Spanish (AA-T) 19


Note that the list below refers to the major core classes in each major, but is not representative of the general education courses needed to complete an Associate Degree. There is no guarantee that every course is offered online every semester. Check the schedule of classes to find the mode of delivery in the semester you want to take the course.


List of Majors Available At Least 50% Online and Hybrid
Major Required Units DE Offered DE % Offered
Agriculture Business (AS-T) 22 15 68.18%
Agriculture Plant Science (AS-T) 21 12 57.14%
Anthropology (AA) 19 15 78.95%
Anthropology (AA-T) 18 15 83.33%
Art (AA) 24 15 62.50%
Art History (AA-T) 21 18 85.71%
Business Administration 2.0 (AS-T) 27 20 74.07%
Child Development (AA) 31 25 80.65%
Cybersecurity: Network and Systems Security Administration (AS) 39 36 92.31%
Digital Media: 3D Modeling and Animation (AS) 22 14 63.64%
Early Childhood Education (AS-T) 27 21 77.78%
English (AA-T) 18 9 50.00%
Environmental Studies (AA) 21 18 85.71%
Fire Technology (AS) 30 20 66.67%
Fitness, Nutrition, and Health (AA) 28.5 22.5 78.95%
Geospatial Technology (AS) (on hiatus) 21 14 66.67%
Social Work and Human Services: Addiction Studies (AA) 43 22 51.16%
Human Services: Advocacy (AA) 35.5 19 53.52%
Journalism (AA-T) 18.5 10 54.05%
Latin American Studies (AA) 18 15 83.33%
Native American Studies (AA) 18 12 66.67%
Natural Resources (AS) 27 18 66.67%
Philosophy (AA) 19 13 68.42%
Philosophy (AA-T) 18 12 66.67%
Political Science (AA) 19 16 84.21%
Political Science (AA-T) 18 15 83.33%
Psychology (AA-T) 20 12 60.00%
Wine Studies: Wine Marketing (AS) 26.5 15 56.60%



How to Take an Online Class” (College Skills 334) is suggested for all online students

Online Classes Fill Quickly! To enhance your registration priority, consider one of the following options:


Make an appointment for “Early Bird” Counseling to establish an approved Education Plan. This makes you eligible for Priority 1A registration. Students transferring from other community colleges should establish residency right away by enrolling in a class.


Enroll in a College Orientation Course (Counseling 270) or complete an online College Orientation to establish registration priority in advance of open registration (priority 4 or 5).


Students have three options in meeting the General Education requirements toward earning an Associate in Arts, an Associate in Science, or an Associate Degree for Transfer Degree at Santa Rosa Junior College. See the General Education Patterns on the Associate Degrees page for a description of these options. Below is a list of General Education courses that can be taken online or hybrid at SRJC.

Online and Hybrid General Education Courses
Course Prefix Course Title
*AGRI 60 Soil & Plant Nutrition
ANSCI 20 Basic Animal Science
ANTHRO 1 Physical Anthropology
ANTHRO 2 Cultural Anthropology
ANTHRO 4 Ancient People & Society
ART 1.1 World Art History to 1500
ART 1.2 World Art History Since 1500
ART 2.1 History and Appreciation of Prehistoric to Gothic Art
ART 2.2 History and Appreciation of Late Gothic to Impressionist Art
ART 2.3 History and Appreciation of Modern Art
BAD 10 American Business in Its Global Context
BIO 27 Biology of Marine Mammals
CHLD 10 Child Growth and Development
CHLD 68 Working With Children and Families in a Diverse Society
CHLD 90.1 Child, Family, Community Interrelationships
*COMM 1 Introduction to Public Speaking
*COMM 9 Critical Thinking and Argumentation
*COMM 60 Communication Skills
COUN 6 Introduction to Career Development
COUN 53 College Survival Techniques
COUN 74 Identity and Cultural Diversity
CS 5 Computer Literacy
CS 74.40 History of Games
ECON 1 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 2 Principles of Microeconomics
ENGL 1A College Composition
ENGL 1B Literature and Composition
ENGL 5 Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking
FDNT 10 Elementary Nutrition
*FREN 1 Elementary French—Part 1
*GEOL 20 Natural Disasters
HIST 1.1 World History to 1500
HIST 1.2 World History Since 1500
HIST 4.1 History of Western Civilization to 1648 C.E.
HIST 17.1 History of the United States to 1877
HIST 17.2 History of the United States from 1877
HIST 20 History of the United States since 1945
HIST 21 Race, Ethnicity and Gender in American Culture
HIST 22 History of California
HUMAN 5 World Humanities: Arts, Ideas, Values
HUMAN 6 American Cultures
HUMAN 7 Introduction to the Humanities
HUMAN 8 Comparative Mythology
INTDIS 2 Popular Culture in the United States
KINES 53 Principles of Health and Wellness
LIR 10 Introduction to Information Literacy
*MATH 10 Nature of Mathematics
*MATH 15 Elementary Statistics
MEDIA 4 Introduction to Mass Communication
MUSC 7 Classical Music Appreciation
NRM 12 Introduction to Environmental Conservation
PHIL 3 Critical Thinking
POLS 1 Introduction to United States Government
POLS 2 Introduction to Comparative Government
*POLS 25 Introduction to International Relations
PSYCH 1A General Psychology
PSYCH 3 Human Sexuality
PSYCH 4 Child and Adolescent Psychology
PSYCH 5 Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH 7 Theories of Personality
PSYCH 8 Introduction to Lifespan Psychology
PSYCH 9 Introduction to Behavioral Sciences Statistics
PSYCH 30 Social Psychology
PSYCH 34 The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination
PSYCH 35 Psychology of Personal and Social Adjustment
PSYCH 40 Introduction to Psychology of Gender
PSYCH 56 Aging, Dying and Death
PSYCH 57 Introduction to Sports Psychology
SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 2 Modern Social Problems
SOC 10 Close Relationships and Family Life
SOC 30 Race and Ethnic Relations
*SPAN 1 Elementary Spanish—Part 1
*SUSAG 50 Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture

*Hybrid Course: some sections may require mandatory campus meeting(s); check the Class Schedule for details. 

To view all available associate degree programs, see the SRJC Associate Degrees page and the Majors page for a list of majors.

To view all available certificate programs, see the SRJC Certificate Programs page.

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