Online College Project


The Online College Project (OCP) provides incentives to encourage both contract and associate faculty to develop new online courses. Historically, the Project has been focused only on courses which had not previously been taught online. However, since nearly all courses have been taught online during the pandemic, all courses which an instructor has not previously created through the OCP will be considered.

Funding for this project is limited, so in order to best serve the needs of students, priority consideration is given to:

  • Courses with high enrollment demand
  • Courses that are part of an existing or proposed online major or certificate (these are programs that have 50% or more of their courses online)


  1. Discuss and obtain approval from your Dean and Chair.
  2. Read and complete only the top portion* of the Online College Project Faculty-District Agreement.
  3. Return it to Distance Education Support ( no later than September 1, 2023.
  4. DE Support will route your form for the necessary signatures.

*NOTE: If a second instructor will participate, please include the compensation percentage for each instructor (e.g. 50%-50%, 60%-40%, etc.)


Before an application to the OCP is approved:

Courses will be developed in the Canvas course management system. The OCP process will include:

  • Reviewing the state’s Course Design Rubric  since course development and completion will be measured against it
  • Several meetings with our Instructional Designer to discuss ideas and strategies for developing or revising your course
  • Independent work to complete all course Modules including materials, assignments and assessments
  • A final review by the Instructional Designer to ensure that the course is aligned with the Rubric
  • A separate review by your dean and chair to confirm that the course meets all aspects of the Rubric
  • A complete review of the course for accessibility compliance

Particular attention is paid to "regular and effective contact" between the instructor and students equal to that of a similar face-to-face section over the course of each week. The following elements of the Course Design Rubric should be evident in Canvas for each week of the course:  

  • Instructor participation in discussions and activities (Rubric section B1)
  • Student-to-student interactions (Rubric section B2)

All work must be completed by May 30, 2024 in order to qualify for payment in June, 2024.

The Distance Education staff will be available to assist instructors with their OCP work based on staff availability.


The Online College Project offers faculty compensation for completing all Online College Project requirements based on Article 32.02.H of the AFA contract.

If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Distance Education.

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