Find Your Online Course


Courses with 100% of the class conducted online are considered to be online courses. Courses with at least 51% of the class conducted online are considered hybrid. Courses with some online components (not totally face-to-face), but less than 51% online are considered blended.


Online sections for Spring 2018
Hybrid sections for Spring 2018 (51% to 99% online)

Online sections for Fall 2017
Hybrid sections for Fall 2017 (51% to 99% online)


You can find out the publicly available information about all courses at SRJC by accessing the course's Section information pages.

From the student portal and the online schedule of classes, the section number for a course will link to a Section Information page that will show links to the actual course materials when instructors make them available.

The video below will walk you through the steps using this new method to find your course (as of June 2017, all online and hybrid classes are being offered in Canvas, so disregard any reference to CATE and Moodle in the video).


You can find your Canvas course by logging into your Canvas account: 

  • Access the SRJC Canvas login page.
  • Use the same login you use to access your portal or “cubby.” 
  • Once logged in, the Dashboard will display any Canvas courses you are enrolled in.

NOTE: Your Canvas courses may not be open and accessible until the first day of the semester. For more information, see our Finding Your Canvas Course page.

Browse Class by Course Discipline/Program

To browse for courses by Discipline, access the Online Schedule of Classes.

  1. Click on the Course Search radial button.
  2. Select the Term
  3. Select the Discipline for the Course Discipline drop down menu.
  4. Click on Find Sections button on the left.

Schedule of classes page with settings located to find course by descipline