ONLINE Training with @One

@One offers a variety of professional development opportunities through the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. Online trainings include a very helpful "Introduction to Teaching with Canvas" course available in two modes: facilitated and self-paced. Both are free! You'll learn how the Canvas system works through a series of curated readings, videos, hands-on practice exercises, and "knowledge check" quizzes.

Facilitated "Introduction to Teaching with Canvas" is a 4-week online course with assignments due every week. Course completion will take approximately 10 hours per week for a total of 40 hours. 

This was an intense, manageable 4-week online course and is excellent for people who are self-starters and have experience in an online environment."

~Diana Rangaves, Health Sciences

Self-Paced "Introduction to Teaching with Canvas" - The self-paced courses allow you to learn when it is most convenient for you, to pick up just the information you need, or to explore a whole topic all on your own schedule. Once you register, you will receive an email with login information for immediate access.

If you have trouble registering for either course, please contact @One directly at or (951) 639-5447. 

Visit the @One Professional Development website to find other Facilitated and Self-Paced courses, as well as webinars.

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