INSTRUCTOR: Joanie Dybach



AJ 70 is designed to provide the student with an overview of the history and trends of adult and juvenile corrections including probation and parole. It will focus on the legal issues, specific laws and general operation of correctional institutions. The relationship between corrections and other components of the judicial system will also be examined.


Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. Describe the history of punishment and corrections.
  2. Discuss the development of prisons, including California's prison system.
  3. Define the term corrections and know how correctional agencies fulfill the mission of protecting society.
  4. Identify laws relating to liability in the correctional setting.
  5. Discuss the daily operations of a jail.
  6. Explain the organization and operation of a modern probation system.
  7. Identify and explain intermediate sanctions in the correctional setting. 
  8. Compare and contrast the federal and state prison systems.
  9. Describe inmate classification and custody levels in jails and prisons.
  10. Define the prison subculture, including gangs and security threat groups.
  11. Describe the challenges facing female prisoners in a correctional setting.
  12. Define specialized population offenders and describe how they require special handling under correctional supervision
  13. Discuss the challenges of juveniles in a correctional setting.
  14. Define unit management and describe the role it plays in the management of a prison.
  15. Describe the benefits of prison education for inmates.
  16. List and describe prison programs which address therapeutic, recreational and religious philosophies.
  17. Discuss parole and reintegration, including the California Realignment process.
  18. Discuss issues for and against the death penalty and its application.
  19. Describe the philosophy and application of best practices in corrections.



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