Sample Courses

Sample Courses

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See videos of courses shared by SRJC instructors in the Sample Courses area of the DE Tips Archive

Access "Intro To Psychology" from within Canvas

Before deciding on the organization of your course, it will be helpful to view a sample course. There is a demo course called "Intro to Psychology" you can access in two ways from the SRJC Canvas system:

  1. From the login page, see the link "Browse Courses" to the right of the SRJC and Canvas logos
    • Click on the box labeled "Intro to Psychology Demo Class"
    • You don't have to actually login to see the demo course as it is public
  2. Log into Canvas
    • Click on the Courses icon in the global navigation
    • A Courses nav opens up
    • Select All Courses
    • Click on the "Browse more course" link in the upper, right.
    • Click on the box labeled "Intro to Psychology Demo Class"


The following links will take you sample courses that are open for public view, you will not need to be logged into Canvas to view these courses.

See more sample courses on the Canvas Community site.

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