How to Move Course Content into Another Shell

For an instructional video on this topic, see our blog post: GET READY FOR SPRING 2018—BACK UP PAST COURSES & SET UP NEW COURSES.

STEP 1: Select the "Destination" Course

From your dashboard, choose the course shell you would like the content to end up in.

Choose Settings from the course navigation.

From the right sidebar, click Import Content into this Course to import content.

Import Content into Course button

STEP 2: Set Parameters for the Import

In the drop-down menu under Import Content, select the Copy a Canvas Course option.

Choose Content Type from drop down, set to Copy a Canvas Course

STEP 3: Choose the Course to Copy From

Select the course from the Drop-Down List. You can also do a search by Course Name.

Select Moodle backup course to copy from

STEP 4: Indicate the Migration Content

If you want to import all of the content from the course, click the All content radio button [1].

If you want to select specific content, such as only certain modules, assignments or quizzes, click the Select specific content radio button [2].

Select which content to migrate from course

IMPORTANT - The import process doesn't overwrite existing content; it simply adds in the additional content. ONLY select the All Content radio button if you want everything from the original course shell added to the destination shell. Otherwise, you may end up with duplicate items.

OPTIONAL STEP: Adjust Events and Due Dates

See more information about adjusting events and dates on the How do I import content from another Canvas course Canvas Guide.

STEP 5: Perform the Import

Click the Import button.

Import button

(This may be a little counter-intuitive since you haven't yet selected the specific content to be imported. That's the next step.)

STEP 6: Select the Content

  1. In the Current Jobs area, click the blue Select Content button once it appears. (Depending on how big the imported course shell is, this may take a little while.)

    arrow indicating Current Jobs button
  2. From the pop-up window, mark the checkbox next to all content categories you want imported. This will automatically select all items within the marked categories.
    NOTE: This screenshot is for example purposes only. Your content options may differ.

    drop-down menu showing marked checkboxes for selected content
  3. To select only certain items within a category, click the arrow next to the category to open up the list of available items. Select all items you want imported. If you want most of the items it may be easier to use the select all option (above) and then de-select the few items you don't want imported.
    NOTE: This screenshot is for example purposes only. Your content will differ.

    marked checkboxes showing selected modules and omitting Get Started module
  4. Click the blue Select Content button.
  5. When the green “Completed” button appears in the Current Jobs area, your content has been imported.
    NOTE: Don’t worry if the “Completed” button is orange and shows issues; as long as it says “Completed,” it’s OK.
    green Completed button

That's it!   

(If you'd like a more detailed set of directions, Canvas has a nifty guide.)

If you want to empty the original course shell (so you once again have a blank slate to play with):

  1. Click Settings in the course navigation of the course you want to empty.
  2. Click the Reset Course Content button in the right hand sidebar.
  3. Click the red Reset Course Content button.

NOTE: This will action PERMANENTLY delete all associated assignments, discussions, quizzes, modules, rubrics, pages, files, learning outcomes, question banks, collaborations, conferences, or any other content from this course shell. This action is irreversible, and the data cannot be recovered.

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