Faculty Canvas Login FAQ

Canvas Login

How are SRJC faculty Canvas accounts created?

  • A Canvas account is automatically created for new faculty after the hiring process is complete and a SRJC email address is assigned.
  • Credentials for logging on to Canvas are your SRJC Username + Outlook password.

Why can I log in to SRJC email, but I cannot login in to Canvas?

  • If you can log in to your SRJC email account, but unsuccessful when attempting to log on to Canvas when you could in the past, most likely your Outlook password is expired. Outlook has a grace period while Canvas does not.

    • Contact the IT Help Desk for assistance with updating your Outlook password by calling (707) 524-1765.

  • If you are a Classified Professional or Management employee, and have never successfully logged on to Canvas before, you probably do not have an SRJC Canvas account.

    • Contact DE Support for assistance. (707) 527-4808

Why am I sent to the CCCApply website instead of Canvas?

  • If you are sent to the CCCApply website after authenticating, it means you used your Staff ID + Pin Code to access Canvas. Please use your SRJC Username + Outlook password instead.

What if I still need help?

Contact DistanceEd Support (email link) for assistance.

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