INSTRUCTOR: Steve Herndon



A simple, step-by-step guide to understanding the real estate finance process, from credit scoring, to filling out a loan application, to closing the loan. With an emphasis on the current California lending environment, this course takes you through the various segments of financing residential real estate. The core curriculum includes actions of Federal, state and local entities’ and agencies that provide or influence real estate funding. It is suited for anyone who seek to propel their career in real estate or are looking to develop a greater understanding of Real Estate financing.

Topics include:

  • The general economy
  • The Federal Reserve
  • Credit Markets
  • Government backed loans
  • Loan Types
  • Credit underwriting
  • Licensing requirements

Additional information may be obtained by viewing the course section homepage.

About the Instructor

Experience counts!

Home Loan Entrepreneur, Housing Evangelist and Real Estate Instructor and licensed by both the state of California and Nationwide Mortgage Lending Service, I am a 38 year HUD Approved mortgage banking direct lending veteran highly skilled in the areas of First Time Buyer, FHA-VA, existing and high loan balance real estate financing. I have been directly involved with the Real Estate program at Santa Rosa Junior college and have been the programs coordinator since 1990.

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