Accessibility Tools & Resources


All of these tools offer an interface for fixing elements, making accessibility fixes quick and easy.

Ally Instructor Feedback and Alternative Format Tools

Pope Tech

  • Most effective testing tool
  • Tests per page
  • Interface for fixing issues
  • Access from Editing mode in Canvas
  • Page about Pope Tech


Canvas Accessibility Checker


CCC Document Converter Tool

Visit a web page set up by the CCC Chancellor's Office to administer the CCC Document Converter tool

Upload a file and choose from available formats. The converted document will be emailed to you.

Available formats include MS Word, PDF, HTML, RTF, CSV, MS Excel.

This tool is especially good for scanned PDFs that are very inaccessible. Using the CCC Document Converter tool, the document can be converted to be compatible with assistive technology.

ALLY - Allow Students to Convert Documents to Alternative Formats

ALLY - Locate which Documents have Accessibility Issues

  • ALLY provides accessibility indicators for documents that show which documents have accessibility issues – in Canvas pages where documents are linked, in the Files area, and documents linked directly to from Modules 
  • ALLY Course Accessibility Report will list documents with named accessibility issues, including the all important scanned document warning
    • Use the CCC Document Converter Tool described above for these identified scanned documents
  • Page about ALLY Instructor Feedback features and Course Accessibility Report


Word Accessibility Checker

See instructions on using the Word Accessibility Checker

PowerPoint Accessibility Checker

See instructions on using the PowerPoint Accessibility Checker

PDF Accessibility Testing

Google Docs

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