Syllabus Template

Start creating your syllabus with an accessible template.

Canvas Syllabus page

It is recommended that you use a Canvas page for your syllabus for these reasons: 

  • Easier to access for screen reader users
  • Easier to make accessible, and keep accessible
  • Easier to update
  • If you need a printed version, Canvas prints well

To place the template in your course:

  • Get Help: Contact Distance Education staff
  • Do it Yourself: Import the template into your course from Canvas Commons
    1. Go to Canvas Commons by clicking on the Commons button in the blue nav bar in Canvas
    2. Search for "Quickstart"
    3. Choose SRJC Quickstart: Syllabus
    4. Click on the Import/Download button to the right
    5. Choose which course shell to import to
    6. Go to your course and find the Syllabus page, edit with your text

Word Doc Syllabus Template

Word docs can be made very accessible, but they may take more work, or have more issues. If you do want to deliver your syllabus as a Word doc or PDF, download this Accessible Syllabus Word Template (Downloads a Word doc). Make your edits and save as a Word doc. If you would like to save as a PDF, it is recommended that you contact the Instructional Accessibility Specialist for help to make sure it is accessible.

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