Captioning Assistance & Guidance

If you have a DRD student

  • If you have received an accommodation letter from the Disability Resources Department or otherwise learned of a deaf/hard of hearing student in your course, time is of the essence.
  • Please contact the Instructional Accessibility Specialist:
  • Captioning of your videos may qualify for the state-provided DECT grant. If so, the DE Accessibility Team will oversee submission to the grant. (Due to recent changes, only auto-generated captions are available from 3C Media).

For all other courses,
Determine if you need to caption your videos:

Which Videos to Caption?

  • Non-captioned videos
  • Videos with auto-generated captions
  • Instructor-created videos
  • Videos found on sites such as YouTube or Vimeo
  • Prioritize videos to be used for more than one semester, although captioning all videos has merit
  • Videos that students are required to watch
  • Videos needed to complete extra credit assignments
  • For full-length commercial videos, work with a library liaison to see if the video exists in the Media Services library, or determine the purchase cost.

Auto-generated Captions vs High-Quality Captions

Captioning Choices

video recordingRequest assistance

  • Have a deaf/hard of hearing student in your class?
  • Need help figuring out how to get your Zoom videos captioned?
  • Need help understanding where to store your videos?
  • Have third-party videos (such as YouTube) needing captions?
  • Not sure if the captions are high quality?

Contact the Instructional Accessibility Specialist

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