Instructor-Created Media

Help for creating custom videos

Distance Education 

Distance Education oversees a multimedia recording studio located in CETL, outfitted with a video camera, microphones, green screen, learning glass, whiteboard, lighting, and a computer with video editing software. See more about the CETL Studio, and how to sign up to use it.

Hardware and software available in Distance Education

Camtasia and Snagit for recording and editing, and Adobe Premiere for editing are available to faculty in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (Center for New Media) area of Doyle Library, 3rd floor.

Media Services

Media Services (on both campuses) can provide the following assistance for faculty who want to create their own videos:

  • Video and still cameras and audio recorders for checkout, with basic instruction on use.
  • Access to a non-linear production suite with video, audio and graphics editing capabilities.
  • Duplication and transcoding of original, non-copyrighted, copyright-cleared, or Fair Use media.
  • Basic advice as to what tools (freeware or college-provided) staff and faculty can use to accomplish their goals.
  • Students and staff may access our media carrels, which have been upgraded to allow for editing capabilities at all 14 Media Service stations with Adobe Premiere.

Contact information for Media Services in on their web site.

Creating videos by screen capture

If you want to create a screencast video (voice over computer screen capture) you may want to consider one of the following resources:


In most cases ConferZoom is the best choice for its ease of use, for your ability to record and save, download, and share your meeting recordings. See a handout PDF on how to use ConferZoom.

  • is a web site that has free version and pay version. The free version allows for up to 15-minute videos. A caption “script” file can be uploaded.

Other software

There are various screen capture software solutions, some free, some low-cost that will allow you to capture your screen and save as a video. You will need to have a microphone connected to your computer. Software titles include: