This collection of resources is meant to support faculty who are interested in learning more about and responding to generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the classroom.

We are happy to add additional resources here and would love your feedback.  For any comments or suggestions please email Lauren Mitchell Nahas (  

Introductory Resources: What is Generative AI?

The first step to responding to generative AI in your classroom is to understand how these technologies work and what they are capable of.  Browse the resources below to get a basic introduction to generative AI.

  • The video to the right gives a brief but thorough overview of how technologies like ChatGPT actually work.
  • Introduction to AI for Teachers and Students, by Ethan Mollick (Faculty Director of Wharton Interactive) and Lilach Mollick (Director of Pedagogy), Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
    • This YouTube playlist is a great place to start.  The Mollich's are considered two of the key voices on AI and higher ed.
  • What is Generative AI, University of Pittsburg
    • A quick overview, discussion of limitations and capabilities, and a list of different generative AI tools. 
  • Key Terms: A Very Gentle Introduction to Large Language Models without the Hype, Medium 
    • Definitions of key AI terminology for folks without a Computer Science background.  Covers large language models, machine learning, neural networks, etc.  

What is my position on AI use InfographicInfographic text of "What is my position on AI use."

Responses to Generative AI in the Classroom

Browse the resources below which cover ideas about how to modify assessments or use alternative assessment methods in response to generative AI.

Syllabus Policies and Strategies to Support Academic Integrity  

Generative AI Detection Tools

Currently, SRJC does not have a paid generative AI detection tool.  The resources below provide some information on what is known about the efficacy of these detection tools and some of the more commonly used ones.

Deeper Conversations

The following resources discuss the impact of generative AI more broadly.  Additional suggestions for this section are welcome.

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