Sample Courses

Dr. Jurgen Kremer’s Online Psych Class: Engaging Students with Skillful Communication

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In this 6-minute video, SRJC’s Dr. Jurgen Kremer gives us a tour of his online General Psychology class in which he emphasizes skillful communication among students and connects with them himself by creating his own lecture videos and using Zoom for office hours. He also discusses some of the unique aspects of teaching Psychology online and engaging students by having them share personal life experiences.

Case-Based Learning with Canvas: Scott Snyder's EMT Class at SRJC

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In this 10-minute video, SRJC faculty Scott Snyder invited us to his face-to-face Emergency Medical Technician class in which he uses case-based learning. 

  • First, he explains why he "flipped" his class by replacing lectures with problem-solving activities. 
  • Then, he shares his resources in Canvas that students access before each class to prepare for the hands-on work. 
  • He also describes how he facilitates in-class activities with the help of volunteer TAs, including former students who have formed a culture of enthusiasm for case-based learning.

Captioning is available.


Teaching through Discussions with Jessica Harris, Part 3

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In Part 3 of our 3-part video series “Teaching through Discussion Forums,” SRJC faculty Jessica Harris shares how she uses a Reading Apprenticeship strategy to support self-reflection in her online class, “Introduction to Information Literacy.”

First, she shows her instructions and resources for a Canvas discussion called “Researching on the Web.”

Then, she explains how to use a strategy called “Evidence Interpretation” for collaborative knowledge construction.

She also shows how she interacts with students in the discussion to acknowledge their contributions and provide direction.

Tour of an Online Nutrition Course with SRJC's Hannah Saffold

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In this video, SRJC instructor Hannah Saffold gives us a tour of her online Elementary Nutrition class, which provides an introduction to the basic principles of nutrition science. In her Canvas course, a prominent feature are the dozens of short videos that she created using Screencast-o-matic.

Tour of a Hybrid Business Course with SRJC's Kim Kinahan

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In this video, SRJC instructor Kim Kinahan gives us a tour of her hybrid business course, Marketing Your Skills, which meets on campus 4 times during the semester. She tells us about the students who typically take the course and how she organizes materials and activities in Canvas so that students are ready for the face-to-face meetings. She also shows dynamic content she created using easy multimedia tools. 

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