Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is located on the third floor of the Frank P. Doyle Library building on the Santa Rosa Campus. This Center provides a range of professional development opportunities for all employee groups in order to further support teaching/learning across programs, disciplines, sites, and campuses.

CETL Facilities


CETL Lab Training

The CETL Lab has 22 computer stations arranged in circular carols. The lab computers automatically open to the Windows operating system, with a few that open to the Mac operating system. Two large-screen, movable IFP (interactive flat panel) computers with a wireless keyboard and mouse allow for flexible presentation and collaboration.


CETL Presentation space with IFP large screen display

The Presentation Space functions well for digital and other presentations, utilizing one of the large-screen, movable IFP (interactive flat panel) computers with a wireless keyboard and mouse, a projection computer and room for 40 viewers, including 20 comfortable seats with table arms. The seats can also be arranged in a circle for a more conversational activity or meeting.


The CETL Lab and Presentation space work well for functions that include food service, as there is a Kitchen with a sink, microwave, and plenty of counter space.

CETL Studio for Instructional Multimedia Creation

In structors creating Learning Glass video in CETL Studio

Distance Education oversees a multimedia recording studio located in CETL, outfitted with a video camera, microphones, green screen, learning glass, whiteboard, lighting, and a computer with video editing software.

See more about the CETL Studio, and how to sign up to use it.

Distance Education Offices

Located in the CETL center are Distance Education staff offices, including the Distance Education Director, Instructional Designer, Instructional Accessibility Specialist, and Course Developer(s).

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