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Canvas Studio is a communication tool that allows instructors and students to actively collaborate through video and audio. Studio's interface lets students and instructors engage with media content by commenting directly on the media timeline. Students can learn from each other's insights, as well as from the instructor's direction and feedback.


Canvas Studio is an interactive media tool that's fully integrated into Canvas. It allows students and instructors to create, upload, edit, manage, share, and discuss audio and video files via webcam, screen-share, or both. Instructors can also add custom quiz questions within videos, using True/False, multiple choice, or multiple answer questions.

In Canvas Studio, you can upload media files from your device or record new media directly into the tool. Studio supports rich communication, collaboration, and interactivity between students and instructors, and provides a fully integrated video experience.

Additional features:

  • Media can be embedded with or without comments.
  • After media is embedded, instructors can manage all media settings and functionality for course media, including setting user details and viewing analytics.
  • Instructors can manage comments in all course media.
  • Captions can be added, or you can request AI-generated captions.
    • You can easily edit captions for accuracy.
  • Studio's asset management automatically organizes media to help users find content easily. 
  • Media owners can also view media engagement through user analytics. Studio's analytics allow instructors to quickly and easily analyze the media students are viewing, how long they are viewing, and when they stop viewing.

How to Use

  • Studio is a component of Canvas and can be accessed from any SRJC Canvas course shell via either the Global Navigation or Course Navigation menus.
  • Click to begin recording your first video, either via webcam or screen-share.
    • You can also add a video from YouTube, or upload a video.
  • Then add questions throughout for students to answer.
  • When creating an assignment, under Submission Type, choose Online & check File Upload to enable students to submit via Canvas Studio.

Guides and Tutorials


To request Help, contact the Canvas Support Hotline from the Help link in the Canvas Global Navigation Menu along the left, which is visible when you are logged into Canvas.

Tool Information

  • Functionality
    • Scale: Studio may be accessed from the Global Navigation menu, from the Course Navigation menu (for instructors), and as an external tool in the Rich Content Editor.
    • Ease of Use: Seamless integration with Canvas allows for easy interaction with the tool.
    • Hypermediality
      • Supported video formats:
        flv, asf, qt, mov, mpg, mpeg, avi, m4v, wmv, mp4, 3gp
      • Supported audio formats:
        mp3, wma, wav
    • Studio media can be embedded in the Rich Content Editor, which is available in multiple feature areas, including Assignments, Discussions, and Pages.
  • Usage and Account Set Up
    • SRJC has configured the Canvas Studio integration for Canvas LMS. Log into Canvas to access.
    • Provided by California Community College's Chancellors Office, California Virtual Campus (CVC)  at no cost through June 30, 2027. 
    • Upload and storage of videos does not count against Canvas course storage limits.
    • Data Privacy and Ownership: Canvas Studio is a product from Instructure. See the Instructure Privacy page.
  • Technical
    • Canvas Integration: Fully integrated with Canvas
      • The tool can be accessed in both the Canvas Global Navigation and Course Navigation menus. 
      • Studio media can be embedded in the Rich Content Editor, which is available in multiple feature areas including Assignments, Discussions, and Pages.
    • Computer specifications, including Operating Systems and Web Browsers.
    • The Canvas Studio interface is optimized for desktop displays and is not officially supported on mobile browsers. If attempting to work on a mobile device, see the Computer specifications page for best compatibility information.
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