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Increase interactivity through multimedia course content. 


PlayPosit provides a video platform that allows instructors to enrich video content with a variety of powerful interactions, including but not limited to discussions, multiple choice questions, and open response fields. PlayPosit media can be added to a Page, Assignment, or Discussion in Canvas.

Ways to use PlayPosit in your course:

  • Flipped Classroom: Create videos for beginnings of units, end-of-unit review, or ongoing instruction
  • Differentiating Instruction: Special Education and ESL/ELL teachers can use PlayPosit as a resource for creating and differentiating assignments.
  • Assign videos to individuals or groups of students: Students can create their own videos to assist in review off classroom material.
  • Monitor student usage and progress using the site's tools.
  • PlayPosit Video Player Features webpage.

How to Use

Recorded PlayPosit Workshops from TechConnect.

Support Resources

Tool Information

  • Functionality
    • Scale: Unlimited class size
    • Ease of Use: Fairly easy to use
    • HypermedialitySupports the following video file types for different devices and connection speeds: mp4, m4v, mpg, mov, webm, mkv, avi, flv.
  • Usage and Account Set Up
    • Sign up/Sign In: PlayPosit is integrated into our Canvas environment. Access PlayPosit through Assignments in Canvas.
    • Cost of Use: Free limited and pro paid subscription (through SRJC).
    • Archiving, Saving, Exporting Data
      • Auto-sync grades: Learner grades are synced immediately with the Canvas Gradebook at the end of a Bulb. As well, instructors can access the rich analytics from any PlayPosit link within Canvas. 
      • Co-instructor collaboration: Multiple instructors, instructional designers, and TAs can access their own PlayPosit content and manage any shared course content, like Bulbs and analytics. 
      • Course copy: Instructors can copy PlayPosit links to recurring courses. The new course and learner roster is automatically synced, and previous data is cleared. 
      • Content Item Message (CIM): Instructors can access and embed their PlayPosit content from the Rich Content Editor of any Assignment, Module, or Page.
    • Data Privacy and Ownership: With user consent, will share information with 3rd party companies. Can adjust settings to keep content private or share with specific others.
  • Technical
    • Fully integrated in Canvas
    • Operating Systems: Web-based tool, can be used on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Best when accessed using desktop or laptop.
    • Web BrowsersCan view bulbs using the latest version of Google Chrome
      • (if using Safari, Firefox or Edge may need to enable 3rdparty cookies.)
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