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  • Research shows that watching yourself on video combined with feedback from a teacher or mentor is the magic formula for rapid skill development.
    • Video is essential in disciplines like language training and communication, teacher preparation, nursing education, performing arts, and others, especially when teaching these courses online or using online components in face-to-face courses. GoReact is great for collecting evidence for accreditation, and preparing your students for certification.
  • GoReact is built with educators in mind, and makes adopting video hassle-free.
    • There's no equipment to buy. You and your students can record videos using any camera, including smartphones.
    • Getting great feedback is simple and can be done live, in the future, or remotely. You can leave comments as text, video, or audio, and they will all be time-coded to the correct moments in the video.


GoReact is a video assessment and feedback tool. It is a great tool for performance-based disciplines, such as theater arts, languages, the medical sciences, and more.

Watch the GoReact Overview video to learn more:

How to Use

Instructor Training Video Library

The GoReact website hosts a number of Canvas Training Videos to get you started.

Recommended Resources To Get Started:

Ready to Learn More?

Weekly Webinar

GoReact offers a 30-minute live Weekly Webinar to introduce you to the tool - every Wednesday at 10 AM Pacific Time.

What Will You Do in this Webinar?

  • Tour GoReact's interface.
  • Watch how to provide feedback in a learner's video.
  • Ask any questions during their Q&A.

Can't Make the Live Webinar?

Watch GoReact's featured On-Demand Demo. (You will be asked for your email to access the video.)

Guides and Tutorials

Tool Information

  • Functionality
    • Cost of Use: SRJC has purchased a district-wide account for the 2021/2022 academic year.
      • Use with any Windows, Mac, IOS, or Android device with a camera and microphone.
      • Explore GoReact's Instructor Help Desk
  • Usage and Account Set Up
    • In Canvas, GoReact is added via the external tool options in an assignment, which you can find in the Submission Type box as you create the assignment. Be sure to enable "open in a new tab" when you create the assignment.
    • The first time you begin configuring an assignment in Canvas, you will be guided through an account setup for GoReact .
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