TechConnect Cloud (3C Media Solutions)

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TechConnect Cloud offers a stable platform for long-term storage of video and audio files, and much like YouTube, provides a player for playing media files.


TechConnect Cloud is the rebranded tool formerly called '3C Media Solutions.' It offers faculty, staff, and administrations of the California Community Colleges System the opportunity to create an account, free of charge. Some highlights of what an account provides the user:

  • A personal account for uploading and storing media.
  • A web-based media player, similar to YouTube and Vimeo. Uploaded videos are processed to work with the player, providing a smooth user experience.
  • Share media privately or publicly (embed media, email link, or post to the 3C site).
  • Request captioning for your media in a few short, simple steps.
  • Create and share playlists.
  • Stream online, live.
  • SRJC has installed a 3C Media integration option that allows you to insert your videos without ever leaving Canvas.

How to Use

Register for an Account

  • Go to this page to register to get an account.
  • At the top right, click Register.
  • Then, enter your name, email address, and college, and your account will be created within minutes.
  • Before you can upload media, you need to make a permission request - a simple process you will automatically be prompted to do. 
  • It will likely take a couple of days before you will be granted access to upload media.

Uploading Media

Tool Information

  • Functionality
    • Interface is easy to work with, but simultaneous file uploads are not supported. 
    • There are no overall storage limits, but file size limit is 1GB.
    • Accepts files in the following formats: mp4, m4v, mkv, flv, wmv, avi, mov, mpg, webm, mp3, m4a, wma, wav. 
    • Supports hosting from YouTube, but captioning of YouTube videos is not supported.
  • Usage and Account Set Up
    • Faculty, staff, and administrators of the California Community Colleges (CCC) System have the opportunity to create an account.
    • Free of cost for CCC workers.
    • Archiving solution for multimedia. 
  • Technical
    • Video playback is supported by all browsers, as well as Android and iOS devices.
    • Canvas integration allows you to insert your videos without ever leaving Canvas.
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