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Ally is an accessibility feature that promotes inclusivity for all learners and is integrated into our learning management system, Canvas.  


Alternative Formats Feature

This part of the Ally tool will automatically generate accessible alternative versions of files and make them available to students in your course while maintaining a copy of your original file.

Instructor Feedback Features

These Ally tools include accessibility indicators, an Instructor Feedback Panel, and a Course Accessibility Report that guide instructors in the improvement of the accessibility of their documents and pages in Canvas.

How to Use

Accessing Alternative Formats of Documents

Ally is turned on for all Canvas pages. All users, whether faculty or students can access the alternative formats feature by:

  • Clicking on the Ally icon at the top of the page Ally Page Download button
  • Clicking on the down arrows next to linked documents to access the Alternative Formats choice

     Ally Document pop-out menu

Accessing Instructor Feedback Features

Click on the Accessibility Indicators that show an accessibility score for documents and content on Canvas pages. You will see these indicators on Canvas pages, in the Files area, and in the Modules where documents are linked to directly. Clicking on the icons will take you to the Instructor Feedback Panel that will provide instructions on how to fix the identified accessibility issues.

Ally Accessibility Indicators

Access the Ally Course Accessibility Report by clicking on the link found in your course navigation to see an overview of accessibility for the course.

Ally course report

Under the overview is a listing of course items that have issues, with links to instructor feedback to fix the issues, and links to find where the content item is located in the course.

Help and Documentation


Tool Information

  • Functionality
    • Easily access the Alternate format feature from any Canvas page
    • Access the Accessibility Scores Icons from Canvas pages and the Files area
    • Access the Instructor Feedback Panel by clicking on the Accessibility indicators (icons)
    • Access the Course Accessibility Report by clicking on the link in the Course navigation
  • Usage and Account Set Up
    • No need to set up account, as the feature is turned on in Canvas at the institutional level
    • Cost of Use: paid for by the state
    • Data Privacy and Ownership: Instructors can turn off Ally if they don't want students to download alternate formats
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