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From within Canvas, UDOIT will scan a course, generate a report, and provide resources on how to address common accessibility issues. 


The Universal Design Online Content Inspection Tool, or UDOIT (pronounced, “You Do It”) enables faculty to identify accessibility issues in their Canvas courses, and provides an interface for fixing any issues.

How to Use

Activating the UDOIT tool by adding to Canvas navigation

UDOIT is already installed in Canvas. To access it:

  • Go to Canvas Course Settings
  • Choose the Navigation tab
  • Find UDOIT and drag it to the top area of your course navigation to make it active.
  • You will see a link to UDOIT in the course navigation.
    • This link will not be seen by students.
  • Repeat for each of your courses.

Run a Report and Fix Issues

  • Click on the UDOIT navigation in the Course Navigation.
  • Choose which elements of Canvas to scan, such as Assignments, Discussions, Pages, etc.
    • NOTE: In Files, documents will not be adequately tested
    • NOTE: UDOIT cannot be relied on for testing videos linked to or embedded on pages.
  • Click on the Green Button - Scan This Course.
    • It may take a few minutes for the scan to run.
  • A scan will appear with a summary of any issues present.
    • Each issue will be listed and separated by content type (ie: Assignments, Pages, etc.)
  • Expand the accordion of each issue to reveal the error(s), view the source of the error(s), and for most errors an interface for fixing the issue.


To request Help, submit a DistanceEd Help Request.

Tool Information

  • Functionality
    • Will test entire Canvas courses, or parts of a course, such as pages, discussions, assignments, etc.
    • Easy to create scans, though some instruction may be needed to work with results.
    • Contact the Instructional Accessibility Specialist for support.
  • Usage and Account Set Up
    • The SRJC version of UDOIT uses the open source tool and is maintained on an SRJC server.
    • Every SRJC Canvas user with the Teacher role has access to UDOIT. 
    • The UDOIT tool will need to be activated for each course by adding it to the course navigation (see instructions under the How to Use area, above).
    • UDOIT will archive scans and has an option to export scans as PDF's.
  • Technical
    • Integrated into Canvas.
    • Activate and access within each Canvas course.
  • Accessibility
    • Tool is for Faculty access only, students do not have access to the tool.
    • Faculty using screen reader programs or keyboard-only navigation will likely find it difficult to navigate and use components in the UDOIT interface.
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