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While creating Canvas materials, address common accessibility issues with Pope Tech. 


Pope Tech is an accessibility testing tool available to instructors within the Canvas editing mode. Pope Tech will scan a page, list accessibility errors, and provide an interface for fixing the errors.

How to Use

Pope Tech is installed in SRJC's Canvas.

  • From the Editing interface on a Canvas page, assignment, or discussion, click on the "P"  PopeTech icon  button, which can be found next to the Save and Cancel buttons. 
  • Once Pope Tech is activated, a fly-out menu will appear along the right-hand side of the screen displaying the Pope Tech interface, which will list the number of errors and alerts needing attention.
  • Expandable areas show five results categories: Images and Links, Text and Contrast, Headings, Tables and Lists, and Documents.
  • Click to expand one of the categories, and click on an issue.
  • You will be presented with fields and tools for fixing each issue.
  • Use the Save button in the Canvas interface to save changes.

See the Distance Ed Pope Tech tutorial page for more information on how to use the interface, including screen shots.

See a demo of how to use the Pope Tech tool below.

Guides and Tutorials

SRJC Resources

Distance Ed Pope Tech tutorial page


To request Help, submit a support ticket with DE Support in Service Desk Plus.

Tool Information

  • Functionality
    • Very easy to engage the tool in Canvas.
    • In Editing mode, the tool is available anywhere that the Rich Content Editor is present
      • Though it does not appear to test Quiz questions.
    • Tests one page at a time.
    • Interface has expandable areas to perform fixes.
  • Technical
    • Integrated into Canvas.
    • Tests on a per-page basis, access within each Canvas page.
    • Compatible with these browsers:
      • Google Chrome
      • Firefox
      • Safari
      • Microsoft Edge
      • Android Browser
    • Not compatible with Internet Explorer.
  • Accessibility
    • PopeTech regularly tests its tool for WCAG Level AA and A compliance.
    • One of the recommended tools for accessibility testing of Canvas materials.
    • Tool is for Faculty access only, students do not have access.
    • PopeTech Accessibility Statement
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