New LTI Tool Request

Requesting a New LTI Tool for Installation in SRJC Canvas

All requested LTI Tools must undergo a lengthy review and approval process. Only approved tools will be installed on SRJC’s Canvas.

Please review ALL the information below before submitting a request using the button at the bottom of this page.

Review Existing LTI Tools List

Review the EdTech Toolkit Categories to see if the desired tool is already installed, or if an installed tool will meet your needs. We encourage consulting with our Instructional Designer and Instructional Technology Specialist by booking an appointment using Bookings.

The LTI Review Process

LTI Tool requests will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Accessibility Compliance
  • Cost and Licensing Model
  • Data Security, Data Retention, and Data Privacy
  • Faculty User Training, Tool Support for Instructors and Students
  • Canvas Installation Process Requirements

LTI Request and Review Timeline

The LTI review process can take at least 2-4 months to complete. Tool Requests must be submitted at least one full academic term prior to the intended academic term of use

For example, a tool intended for use in the Fall term should be requested at the beginning of the previous Spring term.

Information Required for Submitting an LTI Tool Request

Before submitting a request, you will need to have the following information available:

  • Complete Name of the Tool
  • The Vendor Name
  • The Vendor Website URL
  • Vendor Tool Support Information (URL or email address)
  • Tool Cost (If applicable)
  • Billing Interval (If applicable)
  • Cost to students (If applicable)
  • Voluntarily Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) from the Tool Provider (If available)

Requires SRJC Login using SRJC username + Outlook Password

New SRJC Canvas LTI Tool Request Form


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