Downloading Grades from Canvas to Your Portal

Before you download grades from Canvas to your portal, check the Grading Scheme in your Canvas course settings. Instructions for downloading grades from Canvas to your Portal are at the bottom of the page.

enable course grading scheme in canvas

1. In your Canvas course menu, click Settings.

2. Scroll down to Grading Scheme. Click the checkbox to Enable course grading scheme if need be. Click the link to view grading scheme.

Screenshot to enable course grading scheme and view grading scheme

3. The View/Edit Grading Scheme window will appear with your selected grading scheme. If you would like to select or create another grading scheme, click Select Another Scheme. Otherwise, skip steps 3, 4, and 5.

Screenshot of select another scheme


4. Select the SRJC Default Grading Scheme to view it.

5. If it is appropriate for your course, click Use This Grading Standard. If it is not, instructions for creating a new grading scheme are available in the Canvas Instructor Guide: How do I create a grading scheme for my course? 

Screenshot of view/edit grading scheme

6. Click the Done button.

Screenshot of the Done button

download grades from canvas to your portal

In your SRJC instructor portal, click Manage Rosters from the main menu and select the appropriate semester. Select the option to Download grades from Canvas.

Screenshot of Manage Rosters in Portal

The grades from your Canvas course will be downloaded to your portal, and you can edit and save them.

Grade Change Request Form

Once you submit final grades, grades can only be changed via the Change Grade Request Form located in the portlet titled myDocuments in the Faculty Portal.

Grade Change Request Form screenshot


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