Cross-Listing is the process of consolidating multiple sections into a single course site (Parent Course Section) to deliver course content.

Important Considerations

  • Cross-listing is not allowed after a course is published.
  • Maintain FERPA compliance by adding a statement to the syllabus informing students their names and coursework may be visible to students in another section.


Information iconPerform your own Canvas Course Cross-listings. Self cross-Listing can only be performed for sections of the same course. 

Should you want to cross-list different courses, please complete a DE Support Request form designating the parent course section and child section(s) with a brief justification.

The Canvas Cross-listing Tool is available in the Faculty Portal located in the Instructor Information portlet. 


Determine which of your course sections will be the parent shell. The parent shell is the Canvas course section where you will develop and deliver content for all cross-listed course sections.

Cross-listing Process

  1. Log on to your Faculty Portal.
  2. Click the “Canvas Cross-Listing Tool” link in the “Instructor Information” portlet
  3. Select the appropriate semester
  4. Click “Get Canvas Sections”
  5. In the Parent column, designate the parent course
  6. In the Child column, designate the child course(s)
  7. Click “Cross-list Sections”
  8. Review your choices
  9. Click “Confirm” if correct, click “Cancel” if incorrect
  10. Done


Assignment Due Dates by Section

  • When editing an Assignment, scroll down to the Assign section.
  • Under Assign to, click in the field to reveal a drop down navigation to select a specific section to set due dates for.
  • Use the +Add button at the bottom of the Assign area to add due dates for a different section.
  • See the "How do I assign an Assignment to an individual student or course section?" Canvas guide (Also see the screenshot below.)
  • Assignments and Quizzes can be set up with different due dates and access settings. Students will see only the dates for the section they are enrolled in. The screenshot below shows an Assignment from the instructor's view with different section due dates:

Assignment with different section due dates