Starting with Spring 2016, placeholders have been provided within the course shells to help you get started with adding your own content. The Home page includes a "banner" image. Below you will find some alternate images in the correct format/size that you may choose to use instead of the one in your course. 

Instructions for Banner Replacement

To replace the Banner image in your Course Shell homepage:

  • Right-click on the image you want to use and save it to your local computer or flash drive (use "Save Image As" or other similar command)
  • In Canvas, access the Home Page and click on the Edit button on the upper, right
  • Click on the image so that it is selected - you should see the image covered with a blue color and a box surround it
  • In the Insert Content into the Page right sidebar, click on Images
  • Click on the Upload a new image link
  • Click on the Choose File button
  • Navigate to the image that you saved to your drive and select it
  • Click on the Upload button - your image should now replace the original banner image
  • Be sure to click on the Save button at the bottom of the interface

Click each heading to see more images

Quad 01

Quad 02

Quad 03

Quad 04

Quad 05

Quad 06

Quad 07

Tauzer Gym

Tauzer 01

SRJC sign

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