Publisher Integration with Canvas

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Some publisher content can be integrated into a course within the college's course management system, Canvas.


  • Description

    Advantages of integrating your textbook materials into Canvas include:

    1. Students are authenticated through the LMS, rather than needing a separate account/login through the publisher
    2. Instructors can provide scaffolding for the textbook materials in Canvas that include:
      • Student Learning Objectives and how they relate to the publisher materials
      • Supporting instructions for completing activities and/or assignments 
      • Technical support information
    3. Instructors can also use their Canvas course to provide students with:
      • A syllabus
      • Contact information
      • A calendar that spans all their courses
      • Methods and a timeline for collecting and returning work
      • Guidelines and expectations with respect to interactions
      • Resources for college support services
      • Explanations of optional and/or required software
      • Information regarding institutional policies and procedures
  • How to Use

    Instructors will need to acquire some "codes" from the publisher to ensure the correct text and materials are linked to the course. Please reach out to your publisher’s representative to acquire the correct codes. SRJC’s Distance Education staff is not able to acquire those on your behalf.

    Generally, there are two ways to access publisher content and integrate it into your Canvas course.

    1. Look to see if a Publisher App has already been added to Canvas.
      1. Within your course, click on the Settings link from the course navigation.
      2. Click on the App tab, then click on the Installed link. It may take a moment or two to see the installed Apps appear.
    2. Add an Assignment
      1. In editing mode, scroll down to the Submission type.
      2. From the drop down menu, choose External Tool.
      3. Click in the field under External Tool URL. Look for the publisher in the Configure External Tool dialog box.



Your textbook publisher is best equipped to help you connect your course shell to the online textbook's materials and resources. Since each publisher's content may work differently with Canvas, see publisher pages linked below for support information.

To request help with an existing or new Canvas integration, submit a support ticket with DE Support in Service Desk Plus.



(links to DE page)
BONGO WILEY PLUS Bongo Wiley Plus is a student video assessment toolkit for various publishes for STEM, Culinary and Marketing courses.
CENGAGE Cengage Learning’s MindLinks enables instructors to integrate MindTap content into their Canvas courses, eliminating multiple logins for students.
DAWNSIGN DIGITAL Dawnsign provides instructional tools for ASL, Interpreting and Deaf culture instruction.
DROPBOX Integrate your Dropbox storage into your canvas course with this tool.
EVOLVELINK Course integration for health profession classes. 
KNEWTON ALTA Add tests and assignments from Knewton Alta publishing into your courses.
LABSTER DASHBOARD Virtual science simulations integrated with your course.
MCGRAW HILL - MH CAMPUS MH Campus has been installed in Canvas, and is accessed in Modules.
MCGRAW Hill - CONNECT Provides access to McGraw Hill’s interactive resources tied to course content and textbooks. 
NET TUTOR NetTutor has been deployed for the tutorial department and can be contacted for more information.
NEXUS EDGE Nexus Edge provides employment assessment, skills and credentials
W.W. NORTON Publisher with broad selection of subject texts and 
PEARSON Access the Pearson tool for Canvas, for easy access to MyLab & Mastering and Revel courses.
SCORM SCORM is a technical standard for eLearning Software products allow multiple vendors to produce interoperable learning products.
WILEY PLUS With direct access to WileyPLUS inside your Canvas course, you can create a unified learning experience for your students.
WORLD WIDE WHITEBOARD World Wide Whiteboard is web browser based interactive whiteboard tool for Student and Faculty collaboration.



Tool Information


  • Functionality
    • Canvas integration with publisher sites provides authentication and ease of use for students.
  • Technical
    • Canvas Integration is accomplished with code from the publisher to ensure the correct text and materials are linked to the course.
  • Accessibility
    • The Accessibility of publisher sites vary. Before adopting a publisher site into your course, ask the publisher for an accessibility statement and a FERPA statement. Most publishers will be prepared to furnish these statements. If a publisher cannot provide the statements, consider looking for another publisher.
    • Publishers often work to make their materials increasingly compliant with accessibility laws over time. Therefore, please consider adopting the most recent version of your publisher’s content in order to take advantage of any accessibility updates.
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