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Provides access to McGraw Hill’s interactive resources tied to course content and textbooks. This app auto-logs users into MH-Campus from within course material.

Configuration information is provided directly by McGraw Hill. Visit for more information. The McGraw Hill tools (Connect and ALEKS) currently available through McGraw Hill Campus, will be separated into individual tools in Canvas. Eventually, the McGraw Hill Campus tool will be removed when the separate ALEKS tool is available.  


How to Enable in Canvas

1. Click "Settings" in the course navigation menu.

You may need to scroll down to see the "Settings" link.

Settings is highlighted in the Canvas course menu

2. Click the "Navigation" tab.

Navigation is highlighte in Course Settings

3. Enable the McGraw-Hill Connect navigation item.

Scroll down and find the "McGraw-Hill Connect" navigation item.  Click the three dots on the right side.  Click "Enable".

Three dot menu and Enable button are highlighted

4. Click "Save".

Scroll to the bottom and click the "Save" button.

"Save" is highlighted

Teachers and students can use the "McGraw-Hill Connect" link to access MH Connect resources.

"McGraw-Hill Connect" is highlighted in the course menu



Support is available on their Higher Education Support Page

Button_Contact DE Support