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Proctorio’s online proctoring, identity verification, plagiarism detection tools, and content protection tools help ensure online assessment integrity.


Proctorio is a remote proctoring service software used within Canvas. Depending on the settings chosen by the instructor, it can capture your movements, and when you complete the exam, it can send video and other data to the instructor for review.

How to Use

Proctorio uses the Google Chrome browser and the Proctorio extension for Chrome to communicate with your computer only during an exam. 

Help and Documentation

See the CVC Proctorio Quick Start Guide (PDF) and the CVC Proctorio How to Guides.


"Live Chat" with a Proctorio support representative at or email them at

Tool Information

  • Technical
    • Canvas Integration
    • Integrates with the Chrome web browser
  • Accessibility
    • Compatible with these screen readers: 
      • VoiceOver (as a macOS native text to speech reader)
      • Kurzweil3000/Read the Web (as a Chrome or an Edge browser extension)
      • ChromeVox/Screen Reader (as a Chrome browser extension)
      • JAWS
      • NVDA
    • Complies with current accessibility standards
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