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Condensing a Canvas Class for Summer with Emily Hansen

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Computer studies instructor Emily Hansen shows how she condenses her course in Canvas for the summer. First she imports content from a previous summer using the Import Course Content feature in Settings. She adjusts the due dates, selects the content to import, and then deletes unwanted Announcements. Then she condenses her content in Modules.

Free OpenStax Textbooks in Canvas Commons with Jennifer Carlin-Goldberg

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In this 9-minute video, SRJC Math faculty Dr. Jennifer Carlin-Goldberg shows how she uses Canvas Commons to import sample course shells with free OpenStax content produced by and aligned with the California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative's course design standards. Jennifer also gives us a tour of her hybrid Statistics class in Canvas and explains how she integrated OpenStax content with her own materials along with shared quizzes and YouTube videos designed to go with the OpenStax textbook. Captioning will be available within 48 hours of posting.

Teaching Tip Video: Planning an Online Course: Design Tools & Templates

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In this timely video, the Instructional Designer in Distance Education shows you unit and lesson planning tools for designing a course for online delivery. And she shares a checklist of effective practices for design and implementation of online courses based on nationally recognized standards. Let’s get started.

Teaching Tip Video: An Effective Digital Syllabus—3 Best Practices

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This video by Liz du Plessis, Instructional Designer in Distance Ed, demonstrates how to create an accessible digital syllabus and upload it to the Schedule of Classes section information page for your course.  Topics include how to find and use our syllabus templates, what makes a document accessible, and how to convert your file to a PDF and upload it to the Schedule of Classes.

Teaching Tip Video: Create a Video Slideshow, Part 2

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Topics include how to use free Screecast-o-matic recording tools as well as features that come with the Pro version. Liz shows two approaches for recording a slideshow: With the first approach, you record voice-overs and your slides simultaneously with the free version of Screencast-o-matic. With the second approach, you use the Pro version to record audio and slides in segments for a more polished result.

Teaching Tip Video: Create a Video Slideshow, Part 1

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In part 1 of our series Create a Video Slideshow, learn how to take slides created with PowerPoint or other presentation software and turn them into an effective video with your voice-overs and closed captioning for students to watch in Canvas.

Part 1 includes how to prepare slides for effective videos that are targeted on learning goals, use visual cues, and have a strong instructor presence. 


Teaching Tip Video: People Page in Canvas

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Topics in this video include the layout of the People page, how to search for people in your course, how to add people, and when to use Support Request Forms instead of adding people on your own. Click the play button to watch it. To expand to full screen, click on the button in the lower-right corner of the video player.

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