INSTRUCTORS: Tara Jacobson, Andrea Thomas



This course focuses on health and wellness concepts important in making informed choices about one's physical, mental, and emotional well-being. A personal approach to health and wellness will be explored through self-assessment and practical application to every day life. Topics such as fitness, obesity, weight management, nutrition, stress, substance use and abuse, prevention of diseases, sexual health, relationships, gender health differences, and environmental concerns will be discussed.

Representative Textbooks

  • Core Concepts in Health, 14th Edition.  Loose leaf Brief Edition. Insel and Roth.  ISBN: 9780078028670
  • Instructor prepared materials

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify current health issues and explain their influence on physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  
  2. Construct and analyze a personal health profile and develop a plan to improve one's health related behavior.


Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:  
  1. Identify and describe the six dimensions of health and effective behavior change strategies.
  2. Analyze the aspects of psychological and spiritual wellness and its impact on overall health.
  3. Explain the nature of stress, stress management, and its effect on physical and mental health.
  4. Describe the principles of nutrition and physical fitness and their relationship to safe and effective weight control and overall health.
  5. Describe the effects of use, misuse, and abuse of medications, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco on health.
  6. List the major types of diseases and infectious diseases, including their prevention and treatment strategies.  
  7. Describe effective methods of communication and the role communication plays in healthy relationships.
  8. Examine the concepts of human sexuality, reproductive choices, and aging as they relate to health and wellness.
  9. Investigate ways to protect yourself from crimes, violence, accidents, and disease through road safety, awareness, proper healthcare and self-care.  
  10. Evaluate the relationships between environmental concerns and the future health and well being of the individual and society.
  11. Assess personal health status and influences of lifestyle on current and future well-being.

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