Clone of Cross-List Course Sections

NewInstructors are now able to perform their own Canvas Course Cross-listings!
New Canvas Cross-listing Tool is available in the Faculty Portal located in the Instructor Information portlet. Watch the 5-minute video tutorial.


Clone of Roster Issues

Once a student enrolls in a course, they should automatically populate into the Canvas roster allowing them to login. If a student informs you that they cannot access your Canvas course, first check your Canvas roster. If the student is not listed there, but is on your SIS roster, then fill out this form to get the student added to your Canvas course.

Canvas Testimonial

Please complete entire form. Thank you!

Cross-List Course Sections

Cross-Listing is the process of moving a section from a course shell (child) merging it with another (parent). This consolidates multiple sections into a single course shell for managing content and instruction.
See the Multiple Sections page for more information.

Of all the available sections, the parent section is where you will manage and deliver content. Please choose one.