Introduction to Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Service

INSTRUCTOR: Jill Harrison



Professional roles, skills, responsibilities and opportunities in the fields of nutrition, dietetics and food service management. Introduction to the history of the profession, related government agencies, scientific literature and resources, and professional code of ethics.  


Students will be able to:

  1. Identify key historical figures, scientific discoveries, and legislation related to the field of nutrition, dietetics and foodservice management.
  2. Compare and contrast professional work opportunities, in the community, clinical and foodservice setting.
  3. Articulate different activities and responsibilities for the Registered Dietitian, Diet Technician Registered and Certified Dietary Manager.
  4. Identify educational requirements, skills and general preparation for career opportunities in the nutrition and dietetics field.
  5. Explain the continuing education process and how to maintain your dietetics credential.  
  6. Describe the goals and activities as well as the responsibilities and functions of professional organizations associated with the field.
  7. Explain how the Code of Ethics for the Dietetics Professional and Dietary Manager can benefit the profession and apply the Code of Ethics to workplace situations.
  8. Identify and critically evaluate credible sources of information for research in the field of nutrition.




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