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INSTRUCTOR: Paula Dueweke



An overview of the information necessary to conduct inspections, identify hazards and address violations, performing a fire investigation to determine preliminary cause and to secure the incident scene and preserve evidence. Upon successful completion, the student will be awarded a completion certificate from the State Board of Fire Services.


Students will be able to:

  1. Identify course objectives, requirements, assignments, activities, evaluation methods and participation requirements
  2. Identify the different levels in the Fire Officer Certification track, the courses and requirements for Level I and II certification and the task book and testing process
  3. Describe the duties of a Level I Company Officer, a Level II Company Officer and a Level I Wildland Officer
  4. Demonstrate the procedures for conducting fire inspections, identifying hazards including hazardous materials and properly documenting and conducting follow-up inspections in accordance with adopted policies
  5. Identify the construction, alarm, detection and suppression features that prevent or contribute to the spread of fire, heat and smoke through a building and develop an occupancy pre-fire plan
  6. Describe the procedures for securing an incident scene which keeps unauthorized persons from restricted areas and protects evidence from damage or destruction
  7. Determine the point of origin and preliminary cause of fire to ascertain if arson is suspected




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