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Jessica Harris
Mar 13, 2018

Teaching through Discussions with Jessica Harris, part 1

In part 1 of our 3-part video series “Teaching through Discussion Forums,” SRJC faculty Jessica Harris shares her icebreaker activity in Canvas and explains how it builds community and sets the tone and expectations for her online class, “Introduction to Information Literacy.” First, she reflects on the pedagogical differences between...
Canvas logo
Mar 13, 2018

Importing and Preparing Your Course Shell in Canvas for the New Semester

In this 6-minute video, Instructional Designer Liz du Plessis demonstrates how set up new Canvas course shells. Topics include how to: import course content to a new shell, change due dates, lock modules, use Student View, and publish your course. VIDEO PLAYLISTS Configure Check out our YouTube playlists where you can add comments, like,...
Mar 2, 2018

Elmo Classroom Cameras - Tips for Recording Sketchnotes Videos

In this 6-minute video, instructional designer Liz du Plessis draws and explains a sketchnote. She explains how to use an Elmo classroom camera to record your own sketchnote video. The video includes… How to use an Elmo camera to prepare for a video (zooming, brightening, saving the MP4 file). How to record yourself drawing and narrating a...
Jan 23, 2018

Free OpenStax Textbooks in Canvas Commons with Jennifer Carlin-Goldberg

In this 9-minute video, SRJC Math faculty Dr. Jennifer Carlin-Goldberg shows how she uses Canvas Commons to import sample course shells with free OpenStax content produced by and aligned with the California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative's course design standards. Jennifer also gives us a tour of her hybrid Statistics class in...
Hand holding poppies
Jan 3, 2018

Get Ready for Spring 2018

In this 7-minute video, our Instructional Designer demonstrates how to back up past Canvas courses and set up new Canvas course shells for Spring 2018. Topics include how to: back up grades and content, import course content to a new shell, change due dates, lock modules, use Student View, and publish your course.  Captioning will be...
Canvas logo
Dec 12, 2017

Canvas Cross-listing Tool with Liko Puha

In this 5-minute video, our Canvas System Administrator, Liko Puha, shows faculty how to use the Canvas Cross-listing tool to: instantly cross-list multiple sections of the same course and undo the cross-list, if a course gets cancelled. You'll also learn how to submit a form for special cases. Captioning for this video will be available within...
Library Resources in Canvas at SRJC
Dec 4, 2017

LibGuides and Library Reading Lists in Canvas

In this video, SRJC Librarians Erin Daniels and Phyllis Usina show how to embed library resources in Canvas, including LibGuides and reading lists from library databases.  Captioning for this video will be available within 48 hours of posting. VIDEO ARCHIVE & DISCUSSION FORUMS Videos are archived in the Distance Education: Teaching Tips ...
Canvas Calendar
Nov 13, 2017

Quick Tips: Canvas Calendar and Weighted Grades

In this video, Liz du Plessis responds to instructor requests for help with Canvas following SRJC’s closure due to the fires. She shows... How to use the Canvas calendar to quickly change due dates and how to change availability dates. What happens when you unpublish modules or individual items in Canvas. And how to weight your Grades in Canvas...
Hannah Saffold
Sep 18, 2017

Tour of an Online Nutrition Course with SRJC's Hannah Saffold

In this video, SRJC instructor Hannah Saffold gives us a tour of her online Elementary Nutrition class, which provides an introduction to the basic principles of nutrition science. In her Canvas course, a prominent feature are the dozens of short videos that she created. Captioning for this video will be available within 48 hours of posting....
Kim Kinahan
Sep 6, 2017

Tour of a Hybrid Business Course with SRJC's Kim Kinahan

In this video, SRJC instructor Kim Kinahan gives us a tour of her hybrid business course, Marketing Your Skills, which meets on campus 4 times during the semester. She tells us about the students who typically take the course and how she organizes materials and activities in Canvas so that students are ready for the face-to-face meetings. She also...