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Hannah Saffold
Sep 18, 2017

Tour of an Online Nutrition Course with SRJC's Hannah Saffold

In this video, SRJC instructor Hannah Saffold gives us a tour of her online Elementary Nutrition class, which provides an introduction to the basic principles of nutrition science. In her Canvas course, a prominent feature are the dozens of short videos that she created. Captioning for this video will be available within 48 hours of posting....
Kim Kinahan
Sep 6, 2017

Tour of a Hybrid Business Course with SRJC's Kim Kinahan

In this video, SRJC instructor Kim Kinahan gives us a tour of her hybrid business course, Marketing Your Skills, which meets on campus 4 times during the semester. She tells us about the students who typically take the course and how she organizes materials and activities in Canvas so that students are ready for the face-to-face meetings. She also...
Joseph Harrington
Aug 25, 2017

Tour of Spanish 1 Online with J. Harrington: An Interactionist Approach

In this video, Joseph Harrington gives us a tour of his fully online Spanish 1 class. He also talks about how teaching online allows him to reach more students, about his interactionist approach to teaching, and some of his favorite tools, including ConferZoom for real-time conferencing with students. Captioning for this video will be available...
Dr. Jennifer Carlin-Goldberg
Aug 15, 2017

Dr. Carlin-Goldberg’s Favorite Digital Resources

In this video, Dr. Jennifer Carlin-Goldberg explains why she and her Math colleagues at SRJC use free e-textbooks in their classes and how she uses Canvas Commons to share her own resources with her department. Instructional Designer Liz du Plessis shows you how to use Commons yourself to import Open Educational Resources and to share your own...
Students at Shone Farm
Aug 2, 2017

Get Ready for Fall 2017 - Back Up Past Courses & Set Up New Courses

In this video, instructional designer Liz du Plessis shows you how to back up your course content and grades for past Canvas courses. Topics also include how to find and set up your Canvas course shells for the Fall semester and how to cross-list and import content. VIDEO ARCHIVE & DISCUSSION FORUMS Videos are archived in the Distance...
Students with laptops
Jul 25, 2017

Online Readiness Orientation for SRJC Students & Resources for Faculty

In this video, instructional designer Liz du Plessis talks with Michelle Vidaurri of Student Services at SRJC about a new Online Readiness Orientation that prepares students to be successful in online and hybrid classes. And Liz shares an Assignment that faculty can import into their own Canvas courses to encourage students to complete the...
Online Teaching Conference 2017
Jul 14, 2017

Online Teaching Conference Highlights from 2017 in Anaheim

In this video, SRJC instructional designer Liz du Plessis shares highlights from session recordings of the 2017 Online Teaching Conference, an annual event presented by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office. Liz presents video clips from the following sessions, which you can watch in full by following these links:  Five Ways...
Net Tutor
Jun 30, 2017

Teaching Tip Video: NetTutor Online Tutoring - Overview for SRJC Faculty

In this video, SRJC instructional designer Liz du Plessis shows the NetTutor online tutoring services available  at no cost to all SRJC students and how faculty can integrate NetTutor into Canvas courses. Additional Resources: For a transcript of this video with screenshots of the steps for integrating NetTutor into your Canvas courses as well as ...
Anatomy diagram
Jun 9, 2017

Teaching Tips Video: Multimedia Tools Guide for SRJC Faculty

In this video, SRJC instructional designer Liz du Plessis shows the Multimedia Tools guide, a set of resources and faculty discussion forums in Canvas that our Distance Education team developed for SRJC instructors who teach online. Topics include video creation tools, web apps enabled in Canvas, and e-learning software Storyline and Camtasia with...
The ABCs of Online Teaching
Jun 2, 2017

Teaching Tips Video: ABCs of Online Teaching with Loretta Esparza

In this video, SRJC librarian and outgoing Canvas ninja Loretta Esparza shares a resource for faculty that she developed in Canvas called the ABCs of Online Teaching. The resource includes 26 teaching approaches, scholarly journal articles, and examples created by SRJC faculty. VIDEO ARCHIVE & DISCUSSION FORUMS Videos are archived in the ...