Entry-level skills for Dietetic Technician, Registered, and Certified Dietary Manager working with nutrition screening, assessment, development of nutrition care plans and health-promoting client education and counseling. Application of these skills to provide meals to patients with a variety of medical conditions and gain knowledge of kitchen operations in a long term care facility.  Includes clinical supervised field experience component in lab portion of the class.


Student will be able to:

1.   Use appropriate nutrition screening tools and interview culturally and ethnically diverse clients with a variety of health care needs. 

2.   Document information gathered from a nutrition assessment in a clear and concise manner.

3.   Correctly interpret medical terminology and abbreviations and use accurately when documenting Nutrition Care Plans and related notes. 

4.   Identify lab values with nutrition implications and develop an appropriate Nutrition Care Plan related to lab values outside of normal range.

5.   Accurately follow a physician's diet order by selecting nutritionally equivalent menu substitutions.

6.   Substitute appropriate foods for a modified diet due to:

      a. likes or dislikes

      b. religious or cultural preferences

      c. tolerance

      d. medical conditions

7.    Maintain a dietary record and accurately complete medical and dietary forms.

8.    Demonstrate proper foodservice procedures for ordering, storing and receiving inventory. 

9.    Show knowledge of food production and food delivery for patients.

10. Assist in managing foodservice staff; inservice, schedule and supervision.

11  Understand nutrition related diseases and devise appropriate nutrition care plans for each. 

12. Appropriately represent foodservice in healthcare team meetings and other interactions regarding a patient's nutritional needs. 

13. Describe the roles and responsibilities of the Dietetic Technician, Registered, (DTR) and the Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) as a member of the health care team, including the working relationship between these positions and the Registered Dietitian.

14. Follow federal and state regulations regarding patient care and meal delivery.




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