INSTRUCTOR: Paulette Bell



This course covers the beginning skills of image production and manipulation, using the industry-standard Adobe Photoshop to work with digital images for both Web and print use.


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Differentiate among panels, tools, menus, and commands.
  2. Compare and contrast JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) and PSD (Photoshop Document) image file formats.
  3. Create at least two images using various painting tools and options.
  4. Construct selections using at least three selection tools and techniques.
  5. Differentiate between screen and print resolution, set up digital camera images for printing, and scan an image for print using a flatbed scanner.
  6. Assess the copyright status of publicly accessible images such as those found on the Internet and in books and magazines.
  7. Evaluate an image's exposure and tonality, decide which of Photoshop's different tools and commands to use to make necessary adjustments, and repair the image using the appropriate tools and commands.
  8. Compare image adjustments made directly to an image with ones made using adjustment layers.
  9. Repair image defects and damage using the Clone Stamp, Spot Healing Brush, and Red Eye tools.
  10. Manipulate and organize images using Adobe Bridge.
  11. Create at least two multi-layered documents that incorporate layer groups and a variety of blending modes and opacities.
  12. Evaluate the proper usage of the Liquify, Clouds, Difference Clouds, Motion Blur, and Lens Flare filters.




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