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Simple, Elegant, Uncomplicated…

the Little Black Dress of Canvas Workshops is here!

Our new, 1-hr Canvas Basics for the Face-to-Face Class workshop will show you how to add your syllabus, files, and links, and use the gradebook. Nothing...

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Are you sipping down?

New Section Information Page (SIP)

http://cf2.foodista.com/sites/default/files/styles/featured/public/field/image/ea16_milk_straws_drink.jpgBig news! Our own wonderful IT heroes have developed a way to help students find their online class...

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Are you ready?

Canvas boot



Sorry for yelling – just getting into character ;-)


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Shell We?

Canvas user listening to ocean shellIt’s official! Course shells for spring have been created

Regardless of which course management system you are currently using - CATE, Moodle or Canvas - your course shells for...

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SRJC is joining with the Online Education Initiative developed through a grant project funded by the State of California.

This exciting initiative will offer us a variety of new resources for our online programs, including a single, statewide course management system (Canvas), professional development workshops and training, online student resources, and more. Watch here for new information regarding opportunities for training and support in online teaching. 

Interactive tutorials and tools for online success

The State of California’s Online Education Initiative(OEI) has developed an innovative set of interactive tutorials and tools, which may increase student success in online courses. Included are videos on getting tech ready, organization, managing time, communication skills, career planning and more. Interactive tools are offered for calculating costs, testing your computer readiness, daily schedule calculator, and creating a study schedule.

  • Check out the FACULTY GUIDE if you want to see an overview of the tutorials, along with links for viewing or downloading them.
  • Check out the STUDENT VERSION of the links, and give this address to your students. Ask them to check it out and give you feedback.

Canvas Fast Track Online College Project (Interim)


The Online College Project offers a $2,000 stipend to instructors who develop new online courses. Currently, these contracts are very Moodle-centric in that they involve a lengthy training course in that system. As we upgrade to Canvas, we’re working on a way to offer contracts that are simpler and less time-consuming. During this time, new contracts will not require completion of the Moodle training course, but will require the use of Canvas, and the time for completion will be shortened so that we can begin offering these new courses as soon as possible. The evaluation process will also include the use of the state’s new rubric for online courses, and several meetings with our Instructional Designer.

If you already are an experienced online instructor, know Canvas or are willing to go through the training on your own, and would like to consider developing a new online course, please fill out an Application.

Of particular interest at this time are new online general education courses.

If you have never taught online, or are interested in a more formal Canvas training opportunity, please stay tuned for updates, and keep an eye on the new DE website for current information.

If you are interested in creating a new online course, please see the Getting Started page for more information.

Currently Enrolled Online College Participants

Faculty involved with current projects can use the information on the Online College Procedures page to complete their contracts.