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Faculty can order high-quality captions directly from a captioning vendor, rather than going through Accessibility staff, relying on auto-generated captions, or creating quality captions on their own.


Verbit is a captioning service that Santa Rosa Junior College has subscribed to in order to assist faculty with obtaining quality captions for their course videos. 

How to Use

The process to obtain captions from Verbit includes the following. See the Verbit Captioning Service page for detailed steps. 

Help and Documentation

See the Verbit Captioning Service page for instructions on creating an account with Verbit and submitting caption jobs. 


Verbit Support

  1. If you are stuck, or need help, use the Chat option on the (what screen?) screen in order to message with a support agent. This will be a real person and not an automated response bot.
  2. You can also email

To request Help from Distance Education, submit a support ticket with DE Support in Service Desk Plus.

Tool Information

  • Functionality
    • Access to Verbit's captioning service is provided through a website
    • Caption files need to be downloaded from the Verbit site and then uploaded to where the video lives
    • A smart video player is available for videos submitted to the Verbit service. The smart player allows for searchable transcripts.
  • Usage and Account Set Up
    • Contact the Instructional Accessibility Specialist to obtain a Verbit account
    • You will me emailed instructions on how to access the service
    • Cost of this service is prepaid by SRJC
  • Technical
    • Verbit is a browser-based service, compatible with modern browsers.
    • Verbit supports popular web consumer, and professional media formats. See the list of supported formats here.
    • Submission via link is available only with TechConnect (3C Media, YouTube, and Vimeo)
  • Accessibility
    • Verbit is substantially conformant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (Level A and Level AA) and Section 508.
    • Gaps in accessibility of Verbit and its website include Audio Descriptions for Verbit videos and keyboard traps that may interrupt navigation of the website using a keyboard only. 
    • Report an accessibility issue.
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