Integrating Multimedia Overview

Whether you are creating your own multimedia files, or including files from third party sites, the information on this site will highlight various issues of creating and delivering multimedia.

Also see resources in our Multimedia Creation and Distance Education: Teaching Tips courses in Canvas for an introduction to multimedia tools available to you and to join online discussions with SRJC faculty.

Benefits of using multimedia

Adding multimedia content to your course can provide many benefits to your students:

  • Students with visual and kinesthetic learning styles will benefit from content presented in videos.
  • Students with an auditory learning style will benefit from content presented audibly. 
  • Students for whom English is their second language will benefit from hearing the content spoken and seeing the captioned words at the same time.
  • All students may find that watching videos adds to their engagement with the material.
  • Concepts that are difficult to grasp may be easier for students to understand when paired with video representations.
  • Instructors may better demonstrate concepts or procedures in a video format
  • Well-designed multimedia can enhance student-learning outcomes.

Overview of content

On this site the following information is included to help instructors: