3C Media Solutions

Using 3C Media Solutions

Instructors are encouraged to use the 3C Media Solutions repository to store large files. This is the preferred method of delivery over the 3rd party solutions such as YouTube or Vimeo. 3C Media Solutions is an educational media distribution source for video content provided for the 112 campuses of the California Community Colleges System. When using 3C Media Solutions, the viewer is provided with a player, similar to YouTube or Vimeo. Uploaded videos are processed to work with the player. The advantage is that the user experience is smooth, reducing playback issues.

  • You can create a playlist of videos, so that the viewer can watch videos in a sequence.
  • Videos and playlists can be embedded into the LMS (Canvas) easily with provided embed code.
  • Video files will be web optimized and converted to mp4 files.
  • 3C Media Solutions has video and PDF tutorials.

Register for an Account

  • You will need to register to get an account before you can upload media.
  • There will likely be a couple of days before your account will be set up.

Integration with CCC Confer Zoom


3C Media Solutions offers an easy way for instructors to request captioning using the DECT Captioning Grant. To request captions, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your 3C Media account
  • From your "My Media" tab, click the "Details & Options" link to the right of the media you want captions for
  • Under "Tools", click on "Submit this Media for Captioning"
  • Fill out and submit the form
  • Once created, (usually within 5 working days, depending on length), the caption files will be emailed back to you for uploading.

Captioning or Transcripts for Multimedia Created in Canvas

If you use the built-in Canvas video recorder, follow these steps to caption your video:

  1. Play the video that you recorded, and while it’s playing, right click on it and select Save Video As. The video must be playing to see this option.

Save video as option

  1. Save the video to your computer.
  2. Upload the video to your 3CMedia account and request captioning (see steps in previous section under "Captioning").
  3. Replace your original video in Canvas with the 3CMedia embed code