Cross-List Course Sections

Cross-Listing is the process of moving a section from a course shell (child) merging it with another (parent). This consolidates multiple sections into a single course shell for managing content and instruction.
See the Multiple Sections page for more information.

Use this form to request multiple sections of your course be Cross-Listed to manage content and teach from a single course shell. 

    Info IconPerform your own Canvas Course Cross-listings for sections of the same course. 

    The Canvas Cross-listing Tool is available in the Faculty Portal located in the Instructor Information portlet. 
    Watch the 5-minute video tutorial.

    • Cross-Listing is for sections of the same course taught by the same instructor
    • ​If requesting cross-listing of different courses, please provide justification in the comments section of this form.
    • Cross-Listing should not be requested for active published courses.
    • The parent section indicates your choice for the course shell to manage content and instruction.​
    • Develop content in the parent shell.
      • There's no need to wait for the cross-listing to be complete to develop content.
    Of all the available sections, the parent section is where you will manage and deliver content. Please choose one.