Cross-List Course Sections

Cross-List Your Own Canvas Course Sections in the Faculty Portal

For faster results, Faculty are empowered with a cross-listing tool in their Faculty Portal.

NOTE: If you would like to cross-list different courses (e,g, THAR 25 and THAR 25.1), submit the form at the bottom of this page and the Instructional Systems Administrator will complete the process manually. A brief justification is required.


  • Cross-Listing is for sections of the same course taught by the same instructor
  • Cross-Listing  should not be performed for active published courses. Submissions and grades could be lost during the process.
  • Determine which of your courses/sections will be the parent.
    • The parent section indicates your choice for where content and instruction will be managed.
    • Develop content in the parent section.
  • Watch this 5-minute video tutorial for cross-listing your own course sections.

Cross-listing Instructions

  1. Log into your Faculty Portal
  2. Click the “Canvas Cross-Listing Tool” link in the “Instructor Information” portlet
  3. Select the appropriate semester
  4. Click “Get Canvas Sections”
  5. In the Parent column, designate the parent course section
  6. In the Child column, designate the child course section(s)
  7. Click “Cross-list Sections”
  8. Review your choices
  9. Click “Confirm” if correct, click “Cancel” if incorrect
  10. Done


Only Complete this form for Cross-Listing Different Courses

This form is for requesting different courses (e,g, THAR 25 and THAR 25.1) be cross-listed. A brief justification is required. The Instructional Systems Administrator ( will complete the request manually. You will be notified by e-mail when complete.

    Of all the available sections, the parent section is where you will manage and deliver content. Please choose one.