Course Shell for Non-Course Related Content

Use this form to request a shell that will never be tied to a course on the course schedule. Use examples would be for Student Services, Professional Development, and individual learning communities.

(Note that only employees of Santa Rosa Junior College, with an official SRJC email address, can request a SRJC Canvas course shell for official SRJC education or business use. If your usage does not fall into official SRJC education or business, you may want to request a free Canvas course shell directly from Instructure.)

Use of the SRJC Canvas system for personal, private, commercial, or other uses unrelated to the District are not permitted, and upon discovery such courses will be permanently deleted.

If you will be using Canvas for a non-SIS course, you are responsible for your own training and development. You may attend group trainings (see the Canvas Training & Tutorials page), but our funding does not permit the Distance Education Department to provide one-on-one training or support for courses not offered in the regular academic schedule.