Teaching Tips Video: ABCs of Online Teaching with Loretta Esparza

Submitted by eduplessis on Fri, 06/02/2017 - 10:18am

In this video, SRJC librarian and outgoing Canvas ninja Loretta Esparza shares a resource for faculty that she developed in Canvas called the ABCs of Online Teaching. The resource includes 26 teaching approaches, scholarly journal articles, and examples created by SRJC faculty.


Videos are archived in the Distance Education: Teaching Tips course in Canvas, which also includes online Discussion forums for SRJC faculty. You will need to log in to Canvas to participate and subscribe to Discussions. Faculty are encouraged to pose questions, provide tips, and share experiences using Canvas and other teaching technologies.


Also see our Multimedia Creation tutorials and our online training module Canvas as a Pedagogical Platform. You can also sign up for a 1:1 consultation with our Instructional Designer, Liz du Plessis.

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