Planning to Teach Online

Chapter 1 Planning to Teach Online

Resources for getting started teaching an online or hybrid course

This chapter covers what you need to know to begin teaching online. If you are not new to the online teaching process, or if you teach only face-to-face, you may want to skip ahead to the next chapter.

Resources for creating new online courses, as detailed below

Course Proposal

The first and most important thing is to make sure your course is approved for online delivery. See the course approval page for step-by-step instructions.

Stipends: Online College Project and Career Education Online Grant

The Online College Project provides incentives to encourage both full-time and part-time faculty to develop new online courses, not previously taught online. Visit the Online College Project page to learn more.

The Career Education Online Grant will offer stipends for course creation that qualify as Career Education. These stipends will start to be offered in Fall of 2019 and will need to be completed before the end of the fiscal year 2019/2020. Visit the Career Education Online page for more information.

Distance Education Policies

See the policies and guidelines that support Distance Education at SRJC.