Migration of CATE and Moodle Content


Migrated Moodle Course Shell

  • Moodle users now have their courses from the last 3 semesters migrated into their Canvas accounts. The content in this course shell will need to eventually be moved to a real course shell before you can teach from it. When you are ready to migrate content from one of these Moodle backup migrations, see the "Import Moodle Backup files to Course Shell" help document.
  • If you do not have a Moodle backup in your Canvas account, you can do a backup of your course in Moodle, which creates a .mbz file that you can import into Canvas. @One has created a Moodle to Canvas Migration Quick Start Guide PDF with a step-by-step guide on how to do this.


We now have a tool that archives most content from CATE courses so that it can be uploaded as a zip files to Canvas. (Note that Bill's tools were updated on 10/22/15 to reduce the number of steps needed and more easily get content into Canvas pages). 

Sign up for assistance to migrate your CATE content 

Although CATE users can do this on their own, you can also contact DE staff to get assistance in migration. Make an appointment for one-to-one help here.

Help Documents for those wanting to migrate their CATE content themselves

The process involves downloading your content in one routine, and then downloading your quizzes with another. The steps to download the necessary files are documented in the following help docs.