Logging into Canvas, Login Issues

Canvas Login

Canvas Accounts

  • Beginning in January, 2016, some instructors will be teaching courses with our new learning management system, Canvas.
  • If you have enrolled in any SRJC course, you already have a Canvas account.


  • From the SRJC Canvas log in page, log into your account with the same user ID and password you use for the Portal (Cubby).
  • If you change your PIN (password), it will also affect your Canvas login.
  • In order to change your pin code, you must enter your current pin code and then your new pin code twice.
    • Pin codes must be 8 - 16 characters in length
    • Pin codes are case sensitive
    • Pin codes can contain special characters - (){}!@$%^&*
    • Pin codes are recommended to contain a number and any two of the following three: upper case, lower case, special character


  • If you are having trouble logging into Canvas, changing your PIN for your portal should reset your Canvas password.
  • If you want your portal PIN to remain the same, you can "re-set" it to the same exact PIN and your Canvas password will now synch with the portal PIN.
  • Check your PIN that you use to log into your cubby or student portal for either of these two special characters: # or & (hash sign or ampersand). Canvas presently does not allow either of those two special characters when logging into Canvas. Once those characters are removed or substituted for another set of characters your login issue should resolve. Assuming either character is in use.
  • If you still cannot login to Canvas, contact Distance Education: Email Distance Ed Webmaster.