Beginning in January 2016, some instructors will be teaching courses with our new learning management system, Canvas. Not all courses will be taught with Canvas in Spring of 2016. Here are ways to check if your course is being taught in Canvas and locate the Canvas course.

NOTE: Your Canvas courses may not be open and accessible until the first day of the semester. 


  • Access the SRJC Canvas login page.
  • Use the same login you use to access your portal or “cubby.” 
  • Once logged in, the Dashboard will display any Canvas courses you are enrolled in.

OPTION 2: Online Class Schedule / Portal

From the online schedule of classes and the student portal, the section number for a course will link to a Section Information page that will show links to the actual course materials when instructors make them available. 

OPTION 3: Instructor Notifications

Your instructor may choose to send out a notification either from Canvas as an Announcement sent by email, or as a message through the portal.

What if I don't see my course in the Canvas Dashboard?

If you have successfully logged into Canvas, accessed your Dashboard from the left-side global navigation, and your course does not show there, consider the following:

  • If the course start date is in the future, your instructor may not have opened the course for student access yet.
  • Click on the Courses link in the left-side global navigation. Sometimes not all courses will show in the Dashboard. If you see your course listed, click on the star next to it, and that will set the course to show in the Dashboard.
  • Check if your class may be in CATE or Moodle. From the student portal or the online schedule of classes click on the Section number to go to the Section Information page that will show links to course materials when instructors make them available. If your instructor is working in CATE or Moodle, there will be an indication here.
  • If you are still having trouble accessing your course, contact your instructor. Look for their name as a link in the online schedule of classes or access the Faculty Homepages.